1.      Next Step requires prospective clients to submit to a telephone screen interview, and whatever conditions may be placed upon acceptance.

2.      Prospective client must meet the criteria for substance abuse or dependency under ASAM criteria/DSM IV.

3.      Prospective client must have completed detox or be free of all controlled substances pursuant to a urinalysis/breathalyzer.

4.      Prospective client must be male and between the ages of 14-19.  (an age waiver can be obtained under certain circumstances)

5.      Next Step requests prospective clients have documentation of a recent History & Physical, a negative Mantoux, a Freedom of Communicable Disease Statement, all recent psychological testing and school records.  If the prospective client takes any prescribed medications, a doctor’s order and a 30-day supply of medications must be obtained before admittance.

6.      Prospective client must display a willingness to make a commitment to the program, this includes a possible 45 day stay (minimum) in primary program, and a 90 day minimum in extended or halfway status, dependent upon progress and acceptance.

7.      Willing to make a verbal and written commitment to maintain appropriate behavior while at Next Step and to follow house rules.

8.      Admission hours are between 8am & 4pm at Next Step.

9.      A licensed counselor or program director will process the admitting client's intake and a CD  technician may complete the process.

10.  Resident must be able to enroll in school or be working towards their GED.  


Clients Not Eligible For The Program Include The Following:

1.      Individuals that do not have a primary diagnosis of substance use disorder or do not meet the definition of chemically dependent in accordance with the DSM IV.

2.      Individuals in need of detoxification or withdrawal care.

3.      Individuals in need of emergency medical care.

4.      Individuals who pose a substantial likelihood of physical harm to self or others, as demonstrated by a serious attempt or threat to physically harm self or others, if the behavior is beyond the behavior management capabilities of the Next Step program and staff.

5.      Individuals who are sexual predators.

6.      Clients who do not meet the admission criteria will not be admitted to the program.

7.      Individuals with unstable mental health or physical problems.

8.      Next Step has a room on the downstairs level, under staff watchful eye, that serves as a room assignment for younger adolescents.  Clients aged 14 & 15 are assigned to this room.  In case of the room being occupied by a client 16 or over, we will not accept clients of a younger age. 


Please bring the following items with you to Next Step.

Winter Supply List

  • Warm clothing/layers for outdoor activities.

  • Warm boots, socks, hats and gloves.

  • Sleeping bag.

  • Back pack.

Summer Supply List

  • Warm coat and gloves.

  • Comfortable shoes or hiking boots.

  • Sleeping bag.

  • Swimming trunks.

  • Back pack.


All necessary pre-screening and documentation must be collected and funding secured prior to admission. Admissions are processed Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. No admissions will be accepted on the weekend.

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