Family groups and sessions are normally available on Sundays and the client will need to talk to the program staff for details. During the initial session family issues and concerns will be addressed. A plan for how much the family will participate during the adolescent's stay will also be determined. Again, it cannot be stressed enough that we feel enlisting the support of the family is crucial to assisting in the recovery. Our goal is to provide education and the opportunity for therapy for both the family and the client. This will address chemical dependency, family structure and its impact on recovery and wellness. The following areas, which we will address with families and their adolescent if, they choose to participate.
  • The impact on individual and family progression through handouts and lectures.
  • Family systems and healthy family roles and rules using therapy, lectures, handouts and videos.
  • Rebuilding family communication skills and addressing, "Hidden agendas" within the family system.
  • Educate family and individual on what working a program of recovery involves.
  • Educate family about Alanon and various self-help groups and the importance and benefits these provide.

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