1.      PERSONAL NEEDS: all clients of Next Step will be provided their personal maintenance needs. (Shampoo, deodorant, laundry soap, hygiene needs).   All hygiene products will be alcohol free. If clients choose to buy their own products, all products must be alcohol free.

2.      MONEY: when sending money to the clients, please send cash only, or bring it along with you when you visit on family day. When bringing money on family day it should be given to staff to be placed in the client’s account. Clients are required to keep their money locked in a "locked box" and have access to it through the staff personnel. Client develops a budget and can request their money every Thursday; they may only have $15.00 at one time. The client develops a budget and uses their weekly funds to purchase items such as personal hygiene products, haircuts, donations at the NA/AA meetings. All activities and meals on the road are paid for by Next Step.

3.      TELEPHONE: clients need staff permission to use the phone and are encouraged to maintain telephone contact with parents and drug free siblings.   Clients must have their own telephone credit card/calling card to make phone calls. These calls have a 10-minute limit and can be made only on Client Phone Day. This is on Thursdays (winter) and Wednesdays (summer) from 3:30-7:00PM. If a parent is unable to call on Thursdays, arrangements for a different day can be made with the Executive Director. Clients have the ability to call their sponsor, clergy, attorneys, referent, and PO at any reasonable time. Clients must be responsible for telephone courtesy and consideration when making their calls. Clients on Senior Step may have telephone contact with sober friends with staff and parent approval.

4.      ADDRESS/TELEPHONE NUMBER: clients are requested to break contact with using friends. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT THE RESIDENCY PHONE NUMBER OR ADDRESS. The client will provide you with the residency phone number.

5.      CLOTHING: Clients are required to be suitably dressed at all times. In the winter the client will need warm clothing (winter jacket, hat, gloves/mittens, boots and scarf), with the wind chill factor of -30º to -50ºF BELOW zero in common. In the summer it tends to be humid during the day and cooler at night during the summer season. Please check the information on the H.E.A.R.T. Leisure Activity program for the items the client will need for the Outward Bound portion of Next Step.

6.      NO RADIOS, radio alarm clocks, CD Players, or other personal entertainment devices are allowed.

7.      SCHOOLS: if the client is a high school student, they will attend school at Staples Motley High School. They have their own room and teacher and access to the school library.

8.      PASSES: clients are responsible to request their own passes and must be on intermediate level. Passes are handled as follows:

A.  In state clients shall not be eligible for an overnight pass home until they reach the Advance Step in their recovery program (approximately 8 to 10 weeks).

B.  Out of state clients shall not be eligible for an overnight pass home during their residency until they have been at Next Step for 3 to 4 months or on the Senior Step.

C. Out of state clients usually go on pass 1 time during their residency with the pass length consisting of 1 week.

D. Passes are not automatic and have to be earned.

E.  We do not give out passes for holidays or for vacations, as there are no holidays or vacations from recovery.

F.  Passes for off site visits with family must be received by 3:00 p.m. before Tuesday Staffing. 


10. PROGRESS REPORTS: monthly progress reports are done on each client. These cover areas the client is working on, problems they are having, and areas they are progressing in. The Progress Report is sent to the individuals providing funding, any probation officer or social worker involved with the client, and parent or guardian (by request).

11. FUNERALS:  Next Step passes for funerals will be handled on an individual basis. Immediate family members only.

12. MAIL: is distributed at 4:00 p.m. daily and must be opened in front of staff.  Clients are asked not to write using friends or friends in other treatment centers/facilities. 

13. BEDDING/LINEN EXCHANGE: Bedding/linen washing schedules hang on the refrigerator in the kitchen.  Schedules are made by room assignments.  It is expected for you to wash your bedding/linens once a week.

14. CLOTHING:  You are assigned a weekly wash day according to room assignments.  Please check the washing schedule for your day.

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