We at Next Step view chemically dependent youth with a disease that affects the adolescent emotionally, socially and developmentally This is a disease that also greatly impacts their family members and others involved in their life. It is our goal to help the adolescent develop the skills and desire to cope with the stresses of adolescence in a responsible and sober manner.

We also believe that adolescents are most successful in their recovery when there is encouragement and support from their families. We utilize multiple family therapy techniques teaching communication skills and identifying the impact the disease has had on the family structure.

Next Step also believes that a vital part of the adolescent's stay here is finding sober leisurely activities to participate in during their recovery. We believe this will assist clients to develop positive leisure time skills, which are crucial to their recovery. These activities can also help improve their self-esteem, alleviate depression, create leadership and build social skills.

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are the basic elements of our philosophy. We believe that harmful involvement with mood-altering chemicals and chemical dependency is a treatable illness with identifiable symptoms and predictable progression. All residents will attend AA/NA meetings, obtain and utilize sponsors for the AA/NA program, and integrate the Twelve Steps into their daily living.

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